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Amy Mazzoni


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As far back as I can remember, I have been attracted to the visual appearance of items, paying as much attention to packaging design as I do the product, for everything from food to fashion items. As a child, you could find me drawing on all possible surfaces (sometimes things not meant to be drawn on), and talking to anyone who would listen about my art, and my allowance was spent on items with complementary products and packaging. I was always looking, critiquing, and acquiring, so I decided that I wanted to spend my life helping clients make their products look and become their absolute best.


While in art school, I studied graphic design and printmaking, spending time travelling internationally to take fine art courses, and learn about the Masters and fundamentals of art. This humbling and awe-inspiring experience provided me with a new perspective and prompted an awareness of the interconnectedness of art and human relationships.


This drive to learn has continued throughout my professional career, and I continue to further my technical and managerial skills through continuing education courses, and the challenge of working independently and in large teams. You can often find me on competitor-shopping trips researching current trends or expanding my personal fine art and graphic skills to challenge myself to look at things from a different angle.


I believe diversity is an asset, and want to partner with clients whose mission and values are shared with my own. I’ve found that when I feel truly invested in a client and their business, what I create naturally aligns with what they are looking for. 


If you have any questions about my services or approach, please feel free to connect with me here on LinkedIn, or visit my website at

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